Volunteer at the OC Zoo

Volunteer greeting group of school children.

The OC Zoo, located in Irvine Regional Park, is looking for volunteers to help with a variety of zoo activities. Volunteers are an important part of the zoo, whether it’s preparing diets for the animals, giving guided zoo tours, or many other activities. The OC Zoo has two types of volunteers, Volunteer Animal Keepers and Education Docents. All volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

Volunteer Animal Keepers assist the zoo’s Animal Keepers or work on needed projects throughout the zoo. Volunteers that assist the Animal Keepers help with cleaning exhibits, preparing diets and assisting with projects. These volunteers can also lend their talents in many other ways – horticulture, photography, animal observation, construction, maintenance, painting, general facility repairs, and more.

Education Docents are the zoo’s educational volunteers. Education Docents assist in our Zoo Education Department by giving guided tours to school children, assisting with toddler classes, scout programs, conducting story time programs, staffing Discovery Carts with hands-on animal artifacts, helping with special events such as "Halloween at the Zoo" and "Christmas at the Zoo." Additionally Docents may conduct educational talks, handle reptiles, assist with off-site events, direct children’s crafts, and much more! A training class and manual is provided for all docents.

If you are interested in becoming an OC Zoo Volunteer please view the following volunteer role descriptions:

To learn about OC Parks Volunteer requirements, training, and to apply click here. For additional questions on the OC Parks Volunteer Program email volunteer@ocparks.com.