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Park Amenities

Hiking Trails:

  • Hikers yield right-of-way to equestrians.
  • Hikers have access to all signed trails, including Red Rock Canyon and Billy Goat Trail, which are designated as “Hiking Only.”

Mountain Bike Trails:

  • Bicyclists yield right-of-way to hikers and equestrians.
  • A variety of trails exist within the park. Please use only signed park trails designated for mountain bike use.
  • Borrego Trail is a one-way in trail for mountain bike riders. Riders returning to the parking lot via Borrego Trail must walk their bikes.
  • Some trails have an elevation gain/loss of over 800' and require significant physical exertion. Please plan appropriately and bring sufficient water.
  • Helmets required for visitors under 18 years of age and strongly recommended for every bike visitor.
  • Speed limit of park trails is a maximum of 10 miles per hour.
  • Park trails are closed during and after rain events. Call the park office for current trail closures at (949) 923-2245.

Equestrian Trails:

  • Most of the park trails are designated as "Multi-use" meaning hikers, equestrians and mountain bikers are permitted and may be present during opening hours. 
  • Equestrians are welcome to ride any trail except Red Rock Canyon and Billy Goat Trail (designated at "Hiking Only").
  • The Glenn Ranch Parking lot off Glenn Ranch Road (between Portola and El Toro Road) is available for trailer parking.

Scenic Overlook

  •  At an elevation of 1,500 feet, Vista Lookout offers a breathtaking view that encompasses the Sinks, Red Rock Canyon and a sprawling panorama of Orange County.


  • The park has only portable restrooms located in the Borrego and Glenn Ranch parking lots.  Please plan accordingly.