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Park Amenities

Bicycling/Bike Trails

  • A variety of trails exist within the park. Please use only marked or signed park trails.
  • Some trails have an elevation gain/loss of over 600'. Please dress appropriately.
  • Helmets required for visitors under 18 years of age and strongly recommended for every visitor.
  • Speed limit of park trails is a maximum of 10 miles per hour.
  • A favorite first time introductory bike ride would include a departure from the park entrance, traveling down Aliso Creek Trail for 1 1/2 miles then up Wood Canyon Trail to the bottom of the Cholla Trail and then back to the parking lot/entrance for a total trip distance of approximately 9.5 miles.
  • Parking fees: $3 per vehicle.
  • Park trails are closed during and after rain events. Call the park office for current trail conditions at (949) 923-2200.

Equestrian Trails

  • Most of the park trails are "Multi- use" meaning hikers, equestrian and bicycles could be found using them.
  • Equestrians are welcome to ride any trail that does not specifically bar them.
  • It is recommended that equestrians do not use the trails too soon after a rain event as the trails can be extremely soft and damage easily.

Family Picnic Area

  • A small family picnic area is located at the park entrance under the Sycamore Trees.
  • Approximately 8 picnic tables are scattered in the area and are available on a first come first serve basis.
  • No barbeques or fires are allowed.
  • Trash cans and portable restrooms are also located in the area.

Hiking Trails

  • The park has over 30 miles of trails for the trail hiker. Many park trails gain or lose over 600 ' of elevation. Dress accordingly.
  • Maps available at the park entrance and at many of the park trail heads.

Portable restrooms are located at the main park entrance, also at Wood Canyon Gate, at Alta Laguna Park entrance, at Moulton Meadows Park entrance, and at Canyon View Park entrance.

Trails are closed during and after a rain event.

Parking fees: $ 3 per vehicle.

Interpretive Programs

  • Contact Park Ranger for interpretive walks and talks in the park.
  • Call: 949-923-2200


  • The park currently has only portable restrooms located in the park.  

Scenic Overlook
The park has several geographically high spots which offer visitors good vistas of the park, ocean views and surrounding landscapes.The most popular are:

  • Top of Moulton Peak
  • "Top of the World"
  • Top of Meadows Trail
  • Along the Aliso Summit Trail
  • Aliso Peak
  • Top of Alwut Trail
  • A map of the park can be picked up at the office or at the park entrance.