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Whiting Ranch Sees Increase in Mountain Lion Activity

Due to an increase in recent confirmed mountain lion sightings at Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park, visitors are advised to stay alert to avoid potential conflict.

To avoid conflicts:

  • Do NOT hike, cycle or jog alone.
  • Stay in groups. Keep everyone together, especially children.
  • Make noise while hiking to alert lions to your presence.
  • Hike during daytime hours when lions are less active.

If you do see a mountain lion, do not run. Hold your ground, make noise, wave your arms and make yourself appear larger. Throw items at it to scare it away. Do not crouch down or turn your back. Report any sightings to the park office at (949) 923-2245 or Be sure to include approximate time, location and contact information if park rangers have additional questions.

For more information about mountain lion risks, please see our mountain lion flyer.

For more information on the management of mountain lions, please refer to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife: