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Public Workshop for Talbert Habitat Restoration Plan

OC Parks will hold its first public workshop for the Habitat Restoration Plan of Talbert Regional Park on Wednesday Sept. 10 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. The workshop will be held at the Costa Mesa Neighborhood Community Center located at 1845 Park Avenue in Costa Mesa. Parking is available outside the Community Center. OC Parks’ consultants for the Habitat Restoration Plan will be facilitating the workshop with the team of experts developing this plan.

All are welcome to join this workshop to learn and share about this exciting process toward restoring habitat at Talbert Regional Park. This workshop is about natural habitat and public use, so be sure to invite your friends and neighbors in the community.

The workshop will begin with an introduction by local agency staff and representatives. Following will be an introduction of the consulting team working on the Habitat Restoration Plan, and activities designed to gage public values, vision, and beneficial uses of Talbert Regional Park.

OC Parks encompasses regional, wilderness and historical facilities, as well as coastal areas throughout the County of Orange in California. OC Parks is committed to managing land and facilities in a way that maximizes their enjoyment by the public, while properly maintaining and overseeing them so they are available for generations to come. The consulting team is composed of Moffatt & Nichol, New West Land, and the Chambers Group, Inc.