OC Parks 2017 Strategic Plan Update

2017 Strategic plan banner over poppy field and two photos of people at workshopw 

OC Parks Strategic Plan Update

In 2007, OC Parks developed its first Strategic Plan, which included an organizational mission and vision, strategic goals, and desired outcomes. Ten years have passed and it is now time to update the OC Parks Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan update should:

  • Revise and modernize OC Parks’ vision and mission to ensure the statements are impactful to internal and external stakeholders
  • Provide clarity on why OC Parks exists
  • Include goals, objectives, and action steps that will guide OC Parks for the next 10 years
  • Bridge the current Strategic Plan and the County’s General Plan to assist with the development of the Strategic Financial Plan and budgeting

The next Strategic Plan should establish achievable goals that also position OC Parks for Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA) accreditation. OC Parks wants a focus on continuous improvement and continuous review of progress for meeting goals, objectives, and accomplishing established projects that take into consideration resource/organizational constraints and capacity.  

Stakeholder Input

Between April and May 2017, KH Consulting Group facilitated a series of focus groups, workshops, and interviews within OC Parks managers and employees and with the Board of Supervisors to help shape the challenges. This input helped define the challenges that required further external stakeholder input. An over-riding concern entails how OC Parks can maximize the public’s enjoyment, while maintaining and overseeing the parks so they are available to future generations.

Stakeholder Survey

During June and July 2017, KH Consulting Group conducted an online and hard-copy survey in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Overall, 4,607 individuals completed the survey, offering their viewpoints regarding their frequency of park use, types of activities preferred, importance of OC Parks, assessment of OC Parks, and desired improvements or priorities for OC Parks.

Stakeholder Workshop

On July 21, 2017, more than 100 stakeholders met for a half-day to provide further input regarding the strategic-planning process and potential priorities for the next decade. Topics covered included the stakeholder survey results, OC Parks’ role and importance to the community, environment, and residents; responsiveness to changing Orange County demographics; balancing OC Parks’ wilderness and high park usage rates; outreach, marketing, and access; volunteerism; educating the public; metrics; and other issues.

Deborah Cohen, M.D., RAND Corporation, shared national trends regarding public parks and public health.

Public Comments and Inquiries

OC Parks encourages residents and others to provide their thoughts as we proceed with this strategic-planning process.

Public comments and inquiries may be made at OCParksSP@ocparks.com  

Next Steps

  • Review and analysis of the public’s input and survey data, as well as socio-economic data relevant to OC Parks’ planning context
  • Development of strategic priorities and formation of "action planning teams" to work through each focus area to develop near-term goals and activities with associated metrics
  • Invitation to City Managers (or Community Services/Planning staff) to review and provide feedback on these strategic priorities to reflect municipal goals
  • Presentation(s) and discussion of the draft Strategic Plan and priorities with Coastal Greenbelt Authority, OC Historical Commission and OC Parks Commission
  • Presentation of the Strategic Plan to the County of Orange Board of Supervisors