OC Parks Commission

OC Parks Commission
13042 Old Myford Road
Irvine, CA 92602

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Orange County Parks Commission

I. Statutory.

The Orange County Parks Commission was established by authority of Section 5902 of Harbor and Navigation Code, as amended in 1971 and Section 2-2-15 of the Couny Codified Ordinances.

II. Formation and Duties.

The composition, power and duties of the OC Parks Commission are set forth in the Orange County Codified Ordinance.

A. Membership.

The OC Parks Commission consists of seven (7) members. Five (5) members are appointed by the Board of Supervisors. One member is appointed from each supervisorial district. Two (2) members are appointed by the Clerk of the Board’s City Selection Committee as administered through the Orange County Division of the League of California Cities, with one member a resident of the cities of Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Dana Point or San Clemente, and the other member a resident of one of the other cities in the County of Orange.

B. Terms of Office.

The term of each member appointed by the Board of Supervisors coincides with the term of office of the supervisor of the district from which he or she was appointed. The term of office of the members appointed by the Orange County Division of the League of California Cities is four (4) years. A member may be removed during the term of office by a majority vote of the appointing authority.

C. Powers and Duties. (OCCO Sec. 2-2-19)

Except as otherwise provided, the OC Parks Commission is advisory to the Board of Supervisors and to the Director of OC Parks, and has the power and duty:

  1. To recommend to the Board of Supervisors plans and policies for the acquisition, development, maintenance and operation of the harbors, beaches, and regional parks of the county;
  2. On request of the Board of Supervisors, to advise the board and make recommendations on any matter pertaining to harbors, beaches, and
    regional parks, and other matters referred by the Board concerning open space, trails, community and neighborhood parks and recreational activities;
  3. On request of the Director, to advise him or her on any question of administrative policy and regarding any matter to be decided by the Director under this division;
  4. On appeal from an administrative decision by the Director, to act as a board of administrative review.
  5. To make such investigations as it may deem necessary in the exercise of the powers in this section enumerated.

In addition, Resolution No. 72-741 directs the OC Parks Commission to report to the Board of Supervisors on the necessity, advantages and benefits to be derived by the acquisition, improvement, or maintenance of certain areas, including but not limited to the following:

  • any park proposed in the Master Plan of Regional Parks;
  • local parks in unincorporated county areas;
  • county roadside rests;
  • county equestrian, bicycle and hiking trails.

D. Offices and Organization.

The OC Parks Commission selects a chair and vice-chair at the first meeting of the calendar year. It may select officers more often if necessary or desired.

The Director of OC Parks serves as Executive Officer for the OC Parks Commission meeting, prepares the agenda and staff reports, and prepares correspondence and recommendations of the Commission.

E. Meetings.

The Commission meets at 7:00 p.m., on the first Thursday of each month at the Irvine Ranch Historic Park Headquarters Building, 13042 Old Myford Road, Irvine, CA, unless rescheduled by the Commission. Two to three Saturday field trips per year, to selected recreation facilities, are also held.

F. Compensation.

$75.00 per meeting and field trip (not to exceed two in any month), plus mileage from home to meeting place.