Capistrano Beach Trail Closure

Overhead map of closures
Pedestrians Temporarily Rerouted Due to Shoreline Protection Project Beginning May 26

Due to emergency shore protection measures to address shoreline erosion at Capistrano Beach Park, pedestrians using the beach trail will be temporarily rerouted beginning May 26, running through September.

The impacted area spans approximately 150 feet and is shown at the map below as point #1 in red. Trail rerouting will be implemented through September due to construction.

The rerouting applies to the trail connecting Doheny South Beach and Capistrano Beach Park. The alternate route will run parallel to the trail through a parcel that reconnects with the regional trail just past the construction zone. Clear signage will be displayed directing pedestrians to the appropriate route.

Capistrano Beach Park has been subject to significant shoreline erosion in recent years. Emergency shore protection measures have been implemented at various locations along the beach park shoreline including both rock revetment and sand-filled geotextile “sand-cubes.”

Construction will occur in two phases. Phase I construction will include installation of approximately 150 feet of sand cubes over a layer of geotextile along the bike/pedestrian path. Phase II construction will include relocation of approximately 100 feet of existing riprap over a layer of geotextile fabric. Installation of approximately 150 feet of geotextile bags is also included as part of the Phase II project.