Paleontology Archaeology Collections

Welcome to the home of the County of Orange’s Paleontology and Archaeology collections, or the COPA. Since the 1970s, the County has been accepting cultural materials from development projects in order to preserve artifacts and fossils for the benefit of the scientific community and for the enjoyment of the citizens of Orange County. As stewards of this collection, OC Parks manages the 6 million artifacts and fossils the County has acquired.

The COPA has a word class paleontology collection, including fossils as far back as the Jurassic period 180 million years ago. Notable specimens include Eocene terrestrial mammals, late Oligocene-early Miocene terrestrial mammals; and Miocene-Pliocene marine mammals.

The COPA also contains an archaeological collection that reveals the human history of Orange County, including evidence of the first humans to arrive here 12,000 years ago up to the historic period 50 years ago.

Explore these pages to learn more about the evidence of the ancient history of life and humans in Orange County.

stone artifacts


Use of Official County Drop Boxes
There have been recent reports of groups promoting unofficial ballot drop boxes that are not affiliated with Orange County, CA Elections. In some instances, they are promoting these ballot drop boxes as "official" or “secure.” The use of unauthorized, non-official ballot drop boxes is prohibited by state law.

OC Health Care Agency Wants Everyone to Get a Flu Shot
With flu season now upon us, the OC Health Care Agency is already anticipating the potentially devastating effects of a double whammy of influenza and COVID-19 cases hitting in the fall and winter months and urges everyone to get a flu shot.

Drop-off Unwanted Prescriptions at a Site near You on National Take Back Day
The OC Health Care Agency (HCA) encourages community members to drop-off expired, unused or unwanted prescription medications from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on "National Take Back Day" Saturday, October 24 at numerous locations throughout Orange County.

Tuesday October 20, 2020 (Today)
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Wednesday October 21, 2020
8:30 AMOrange County Development Board Meeting (Tentative)
Orange County Development Board
1300 S. Grand Ave.
Building B - Conference Room A/B
Santa Ana, CA 92705
3:30 PMTAB - La Habra Library

Welcome to the teen leadership team for the La Habra Library. From Halloween parties to movie days and volunteer opportunities, TAB is involved in the planning of teen events at the library. If you are interested in a leadership role, or just want to come socialize with other teens and talk about what things there are to do at the library, all are welcome. We will have refreshments, and volunteer hours for TAB are available.

Hope to see you there!

Thursday October 22, 2020
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