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Carbon Canyon Regional Park Lake Restoration

UPDATE Oct. 7, 2014 - Lake construction is now complete and cleanup of the surrounding area is currently underway.  Damaged grass will be replaced with new sod as the lake is being refilled. The refilling of the lake should take approximately one week.  Once the lake has been refilled, the water will need to sit for a month for the brand new lake to reach a balance in the environment.  Upon this balance being completed, OC Parks will introduce fish habitats into the lake and an aeration system will be installed to ensure proper oxygenation of the water for an optimum fish environment.

On July 14, 2014, preparation began to restore Carbon Canyon Regional Park’s 4-acre lake to its original condition.  Currently, the lake has diminished water quality and reduced capacity preventing it from being stocked with fish to provide recreational fishing opportunities by park visitors.  It has been 17 years since the last maintenance episode to clear silt buildup in the manmade lake which serves as an important recreational feature in Carbon Canyon Regional Park.  Rainstorm runoff following wildfires has caused the accumulation of silt, currently estimated at 9,500 cubic yards. 

The excavation of the lake involves manually draining the lake of its water to allow heavy equipment to remove the soil.  A 6-foot temporary fence will be placed around the perimeter of the lake to secure the project and to ensure the public’s safety.

The next step in this project will occur at the end of August 2014. At that time the silt remaining in the lake will be excavated from the basin and transported to a nearby landfill or other approved location. When this step is complete the lake will be refilled with water.

OC Parks regularly has maintenance projects, big and small, ongoing in its 26 park facilities throughout the year. Additionally, many of the projects involve numerous parties, including governmental agencies, contractors, project managers, park managers, park rangers and maintenance staff to coordinate and execute the planned work.

Timing of the excavation of the lake was critical and it was necessary to commence the current project immediately.  The above project is estimated to last until the end of September 2014. At that time, please check with the park office for information concerning a planned celebration at Carbon Canyon Regional Park of the revitalized lake to include new fish stock and the return of our wild fowl.