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Requirements for Claim and Delivery

Writs of Possession-Claim and Delivery are a priority and are normally handled upon receipt. However, processing time can vary with substantial caseload or availability of personnel.

The advance deposit for a Claim and Delivery will vary based upon the type of property to be levied. Please refer to the Civil Supervisor or Sergeant for the appropriate fee amount.

The Following Will be Required for a Claim & Delivery

  • Signed instructions from the attorney of record indicating the property to be levied upon; address for the enforcement of the writ and any special information such as a person to aid in the identification of the property, etc.
    Note: The address for enforcement of the writ and the property description must match the writ exactly.
  • Original Writ of Possession - Claim and Delivery plus a minimum of 3 copies.
  • Order for Possession - Claim and Delivery plus a minimum of 3 copies.
  • Undertaking/Bond - minimum of 3 copies.
  • Supporting documents for service upon the defendant.

Please supply an adequate amount of copies of each document for service.