Goals & Duties

As a Ranger Reserve you will greatly enhance and expand the environmental awareness, safety and visitor services offered by OC Parks. There is no greater reward than giving back to the community. The training, experience and memories that you will be acquiring in the program are priceless.

Under supervision and in a volunteer/reserve capacity, you will perform professional and technical duties in recreational facilities and at park sponsored events. Duties may be associated with park operation, resource management, park safety, interpretation and public awareness.


Positions in this class are generally assigned when large crowds are expected at recreational facilities, such as summer weekends, holidays and special events. Ranger Reserves may also be utilized for promotional activities occurring at a variety of off-site locations. Incumbents work under the supervision of the Park Ranger Reserve Coordinators and on-site park ranger staff.

Examples of Duties

  • Reserves may take part in a support function such as directing traffic at the park entrance or busy intersection, conduct environmental awareness programs for school children and the public.
  • Reserves may assist with special studies regarding natural and cultural resources, assist in the planning of special events, build and maintain park trails, and other aspects related to park operations. Construction and park maintenance assistance may be required in emergency situations, or provide park patrols.
  • Other duties may include outreach presentations to public and private entities, or guided hikes.